Annihilator of Fuzzy Things

Yes, I’m talking to you!

You surfer of counters in search of any food scraps, even though I’m in the process of bringing you your bowl.

You digger of holes at the fence, just large enough for the prey to slip through and get trapped inside.

You howler at doors to come in and go out, especially when you hear animals have entered your domain.

You bad influencer of sweeter, more susceptible dogs.

Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?

I’ll take that yawn as a ‘yes’.



Bunnies–0 (6)

Deer–0 (1)

Skunk–0 (1) (with the skunk, I believe everyone lost)

Possum–0 (2)

Squirrels–0 (2)

Moles–0 (9), but they’re too small to count

Don’t play innocent. I saw you batting that Box turtle around like a hockey puck.

15 thoughts on “Annihilator of Fuzzy Things

      1. Not now, but I grew up with boxers. We lived out in the country and the female would keep an eye on us. If we played tackle football with friends, the boxers were securely locked away…

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