Writing CHALLENGE #8

8. Write about a #2 pencil in a way that makes it sound fascinating (one page)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“Amazing!” Kazamibblim said to his brother, Kpppf, who was leaning in the corner dusting off the wall drawings with his tentacles. Particles floated in the air beside his illuminator, sandy grain sticking against his green gelatinous body.

“What brother?” Kpppf said back idly.

“The Earth dwellers seem to have devised a rudimentary set of tools for recording their history. I’ve been telling you! I’ve been saying it all along!” said Kaza, holding up a dusty #2 pencil. Of all the objects they had discovered in these strange pyramidal structures, this one excited him most. Hissing with delight, his antenna quivered.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

“Hmm?” Kpppf replied, absent-mindedly. “The Earth creatures moved to Gamma 7 a few millenia ago, wasn’t it?”

Kaza rolled his three eyes. Kpppf was always making the most mundane comments in response to his discoveries.

The dim yellow and #2 were preserved gloriously, glowing in the ambient light.

“I’m telling you, this is it! The Overlord Exploration Committee will be most pleased!”

Without turning, Kpppf floated his eyes toward the back of him. “Kaza, we’ve been through this. Look at these wall drawings. They were made with dyes and paints. The other inscriptions we found were etched into stone and clay with sticks and chisels… There was no other form of writing found.”

“Well, what about all those tall dwellings and propulsion devices? And those boxes fitted with intricate hardened ore objects? They had to be an advanced species to make them. Some form of writing had to be involved.”

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

Kpppf blurped out a couple slime bubbles in frustration.

“Those are worship objects. We’ve already established that. The ore objects inside them were sacred depictions relevant to each clan. The gathering room is set up for everyone to gather round and revere them.

Kaza’s third eye narrowed, twitching as he regarded Kpppf, then turned away not remotely convinced.

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

Seeing a stick lying on the ground, he bent down and picked it up, suddenly getting an idea. Holding the #2 object in one tentacle, he scratched its pointy surface against the stick. Eyes growing wide, he jumped and splattered in excitement, slime and snot flying everywhere. A few droplets fell on Kpppf who looked down. He didn’t like how his brother’s pallid blue clashed against his svelte much classier green.

“Woo-ee-yeuuuu!!!” Kaza cried out.

“What now, brother?” Kpppf turned, already showing signs of long suffering, his patience wearing thin.

“It writes!” Kaz yelled. “It made a mark!”

He held the stick high for Kpppf to see. Kpppf came over, bringing his illuminator with him and squinted.

“You see!” said Kaza, satisfied.

After carefully inspecting it, Kpppf leaned back. “Lots of things make a mark,” (including my tentacle against your bulbous head, he didn’t add).

He snatched the object away and said, “This did not make that.” He pointed it towards the wall for emphasis as if his brother needed a pictogram.

Photo by Lady Escabia on Pexels.com

Then, he stopped…and looked harder at the wall drawings. “Besides, I think I might have just figured out what this is.” Looking harder at the creatures and the dark lines around their eyes, he nodded.

“You did?”

Kpppf’s bubbles illuminated into practically a glow. “It’s makeup.”

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