Perfectionism Skips a Generation

So here are the signs that you might be a perfectionist:

Fear of failure


All-or-nothing attitude

Highly critical

Focused on results

Unrealistic standards

This is not my burden. It is, however, the burden of several family members down the line.

Picture of my tomato plants–the one fail-proof garden plant in the south.

My great uncle once built a garage. Upon discovering that it wasn’t perfectly plumb, he tore it down and built another one.

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How do you know whether you got the sibling with the OCD perfectionist strain or not?

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If you’re dating, and you want to know whether you’re dating a perfectionist, there are a few simple tests. Tilt a picture and invite him to sit down next to it. Rearrange the order of his DVD’s, if they’re organized. Flip his toilet paper roll to have the sheets coming off under instead of over.

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Perfectionism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Driven, detail-oriented people with high standards are the engineers, doctors, pharmacists of our world… We need them.


I’ve found that although perfectionists are thorough, non-perfectionists are fast.

“Mick, I just need a quick hack for the program. I don’t need the Mona Lisa! …Mick MICK!!”

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There are other causes or reasons behind perfectionism. Aside from OCD and inner drives towards excellence, some people are perfectionists for a different reason.

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“I have to have my house perfect so when I die no one will judge me.”

Perfectionism usually only inflicts the person who has it. The cruelty is no one else notices or cares that you polished your silver miniatures with a toothbrush. It’s a form of defense or protection against another’s opinion.

Do you succeed to avoid societal pressures or do you have your own internal measurements and expectations for yourself?

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Some people yearn for perfection as a form of control. Maybe other things in their life seem shaky, so a perfectly clean house or a well-built craft is something they can control.

There is a healthy drive towards excellence. There’s also toxic perfectionism that makes people unhappy.

At the end of the day, they say that someone who feels secure in unconditional love, doesn’t have the toxic side of perfectionism.

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What if I had nothing to give

If I had only to love and to live

Would you still love me

13 thoughts on “Perfectionism Skips a Generation

  1. I would hate to be a perfectionist. It’s easier to blame fox-demons when things don’t turn out like I wanted them to. So, why do it again if the fox-demons aren’t going anywhere?

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