Foraging again…

When you’re picking up acorns to make acorn flour and don’t want the neighbors to know.

Also, the neighborhood squirrels have been following me and cussing me out all week.

Shouldn’t a stole the apples and peaches off the fruit trees, punks!

(I have strange relationship with nature)

Photo by Craige McGonigle on

Go ahead, say it. I know you’re wanting to.


19 thoughts on “Foraging again…

    1. I’m trying to decide whether this is a real question or a reference to drugs and acid trips πŸ˜€ If it’s white acorns, you’re supposed to change out the water twice a day for a week (or you can simply turn on the faucet and run them under water for 5 minutes). But always do the taste test to check if they’re still bitter. Btw, are you able to see the first picture with the acorns? I’m not sure about block editor. It might be doing some funky things.

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      1. I see bulging pockets…

        So, do you make a bread with the acorn flour? I’ve never had the tenacity to process them all the way to flour, so I’m kind of curious…


      2. The easiest way I’ve seen (I haven’t actually done it yet except for collecting and drying them) is to crack them, put them in blender with water until they’re rough powder, pour them in a short, clean stocking and run the faucet over them for 5-7 min’s, taste test, dry the flour on baking sheet. It doesn’t have gluten, so it won’t rise like bread unless you mix it half-and-half with regular flour. Most people use them for cookies and kind of like an oatmeal or gruel mixed with berries/honey. They make flat cakes. White acorns don’t keep as well, but they have less tannin. Red acorns keep remarkably well, but have more tannin.


  1. Oh ! My! Monroe, I am as nutty as you are and I love squirrels. I wish I lived near you. We would have quite a few adventures.. giving you a bro punch πŸ€› or a saster punch .. I hope you don’t go into hibernation just like these foraging creatures.

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