Every Journey Starts Somewhere

Foraging again…

When you’re picking up acorns to make acorn flour and don’t want the neighbors to know. Also, the neighborhood squirrels have been following me and cussing me out all week. Shouldn’t a stole the apples and peaches off the fruit trees, punks! (I have strange relationship with nature) Go ahead, say it. I know you’re … More Foraging again…

Fish Falling from the Sky

Okay, I’m not saying there was a fair amount of fishing going on at the beach… But when fish start falling from the sky, something is up. I kid you not, a bird flew over the condo and dropped a “live” (slightly used) fish on the deck in front of us. It was a pretty … More Fish Falling from the Sky

Writing CHALLENGE #9

9. Come up with the biggest (but not impossible) obstacle you can think of to keep your character from getting what he/she most wants (one page) Kia arched her back till the fur stuck out in small spikes, hissing as the tomcat ran off. A small cottony fluff of white floated in the wind. That … More Writing CHALLENGE #9

Perfectionism Skips a Generation

So here are the signs that you might be a perfectionist: Fear of failure Procrastination All-or-nothing attitude Highly critical Focused on results Unrealistic standards This is not my burden. It is, however, the burden of several family members down the line. Picture of my tomato plants–the one fail-proof garden plant in the south. My great … More Perfectionism Skips a Generation

Writing CHALLENGE #8

8. Write about a #2 pencil in a way that makes it sound fascinating (one page) “Amazing!” Kazamibblim said to his brother, Kpppf, who was leaning in the corner dusting off the wall drawings with his tentacles. Particles floated in the air beside his illuminator, sandy grain sticking against his green gelatinous body. “What brother?” … More Writing CHALLENGE #8

Native American stuff

Mushrooms aren’t the only things I found on my hikes. It doesn’t appear to be colonial-time Native American stuff I’m finding. You can guess by the types of arrowheads you find. But it’s strange to walk out your door and just a short drive away is the stone age living right next to you. Here’s … More Native American stuff

Forefathers had Attitude

There’s nothing like a verbal smack down given by a guy in a fluffy powder wig. John Montagu (18th century statesman) when told: “Sir, I do not know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.” “That will depend, my lord, on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.” “I can’t … More Forefathers had Attitude

Writing CHALLENGE #7

7. Create a complicated and interesting ethical dilemma. This can be a summary. (one page) Kenny and Rodriguez grinned at each other in a way I already knew they were going to take the dare. “This part of the track is out-of-use. Everyone knows that,” said Tyler. He’s the one who lived down here, so … More Writing CHALLENGE #7


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